Protection of Children and Youth

St. Damian School appreciates the generosity of parents and community members in volunteering their time to our school and to our students.  The Archdiocese of Chicago requires employees and volunteers to be in full compliance with the steps outlined by the Office for the Protection of Children and Youth.  These items must be completed by all school and parish employees and volunteers (age 18 and older) prior to beginning service, as per Archdiocesan policy.

The chart for compliance requirements can be found here.

All volunteers who will be in the presence of children MUST complete the following:

Create a VIRTUS account – www.virtus.org

  • Pre-register online for a VIRTUS training session. 
  • Attend the training, receive your certificate of completion, and return a copy of your certificate to the school office.)
  • Complete an online background check through the virtus site and these required documents: CANTS, Code of Conduct and Declarations.
  • Return signed CANTS and Code of Conduct documents to the school office.
  • Complete one training bulletin each month by logging into your VIRTUS account.

IF you are a catechist, coach, lunch room aide you must complete Mandated Reporter training and submit the certificate of completion to the school office.

Mandated Reporter Training  ONLINE TRAINING

a. Allow 60 minutes to complete the training.
b. Your computer must be connected to a printer and be equipped with audio.
c. Print certificate of completion and return to the school office.