Teacher Profiles


Ryan Vandewiel

Social Studies

1st year at St. Damian


Ryan Vandewiel

Six years military experience

Four years professional experience

BS in Sociology from Arizona State University

Master of Arts in Teaching candidate at Dominican University


I am very excited to begin my first year of teaching at St. Damian. I come from a family of educators, and when I first began work as a paraprofessional at a middle school, I knew education was my calling. I love being able to share my knowledge with students, and I live for those "light bulb moments" when students realize they just learned something new. As a Catholic educator, I believe every child is capable of learning. I strive to be a living example of the faith to all my students.


When I am not in school, I enjoy spending time with family and taking care of my many pets - furry and scaly! I have two dogs, two geckos, a bearded dragon, a tegu lizard, and a monitor lizard. I also love to travel, and I am a Cubs fan.  Email Mr. Vandewiel