Celebrate Family Reading!


St. Damian School celebrates Illinois' Family Reading Night!

November 19, 2020



Chapter 1 with Mrs. Ward

Chapter 2 with Mr. Vandewiel

Chapter 3 with Mrs. Caulfield

Chapter 4 with Mrs. Walsh

Chapter 5 with Mrs. Davis

Chapter 6 with Ms. Kelly

Chapter 7 with Mrs. Ruzevich

Chapter 8, Part 1 with Mrs. Fahey

Chapter 8, Part 2 with Miss Buche

Chapter 9 with Mrs. Jones

Chapter 10 with Mrs. Bozzi

Chapter 11 with Mrs. McMahon

Chapter 12 with Mrs. Long

Chapter 13 with Mrs. Minatto

Chapter 14 with Mrs. Kingsbury


To Learn More About Illinois' Family Reading Night visit the Website!